Wednesday, 25 March 2009


These are some images taken by Peter Brenchley, model Daryl, I have contrasted them for a basis for an up and coming paint project.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


So I’ve finally escaped the deceiving bubble of Loughborough, evaded the grips of the safety of the small town community, left the student roar and set up camp in Nottingham. Being in Loughborough I’m sure for the few is a nice little nest with a few mainstream niceties to all get mindlessly wrecked sleep with each other and listen to bad music.. but hey its university isn’t this what we do…? Banter about how sick we all were that night, the exceedingly thoughtless conversations with the next pretend adult who also just found vodka and a funnel and all kid ourselves that this is the life? No. To be perfectly frank this is something that I needed be no part of. If people really took a outsiders perspective of what they were moronically doing with their days, wake, piss, headache, eat rubbish food, do the least amount of work possible moan about a lecture, narrate the weekends pointless debaucheries, eat more crap, feel like crap, do nothing, look really slobby, wear your jack wills and uggs/ or flip-flops in winter if your one of those, and then get battered again. What exactly is that existence? Why live for the weekend? What is it that makes doing nothing and only talking booze and drugs and the opposite sex so appealing to the mass of youth? Why has this become the only culture? Why not live for the days? What is it that means that the majority need to live nocturnally and waste what is potentially the best time period? No responsibility, no really urgency for jobs, nothing to hold you back, the chance to really learn and develop your subject, to flourish and improve as a person. Why not use the opportunity to become who you need to be?I’m glad I’m out of this dead end nothingness. It is vibrancy, energy, youth with ambition and flare, people who dare to be different and who can see something beyond the confines of university that I need to be around. Being in a city will be the basis of this but it will not provide me with everything so casually that I need no enforcement of process or effort on my part,,,, I will take every opportunity Nottingham offers me and make my own. It will be an environment for me to prosper but not without personally draining every little bit of life that will better me as an artist and as a person. Its not about accepting things that happen its about using and bettering them. Its about making time to do that bit extra that will make me stand out from the crowd. Extra research. More reading. Work experience. Blogging. Meeting people. Taking time to listen to people who give invaluable advice. If you’re being told an opinion listen to it. If someone tells you to look up so and so then fucking do it, they are telling you for a reason…. That’s another thing about all of us. There’s a certain arrogance in ignoring lectures, tutors…. And I’m guilty of all of this myself, its just that I’ve bloody realised what a huge mistake I’ve been making so far. I’ve my first step, and there is no way I’m looking back.