Saturday, 10 October 2009


Southend is proud to announce upon the art world a trio of enthusiastic entrepreneurs whose ambition is making art and promoting other emerging talent from their home town. There has been an abundance of creativity seeping from the borough, in the past we have seen infamous fashionable social scenes, some niche musical accomplishments but of late the arts side has seemed to have become stagnant, the Beecroft Gallery, Southends biggest institution, self-confessing its ‘stuffiness’; but a fresh young collective is forming and it comes with a powerful driving force behind them.

After a few years of branding the name Southend Young Creatives along with a small grouping of artists on the social networking site, Myspace, Darren Berry, took his established group to new levels when he decided it needed to be brought to the real world. The Graphic design graduate, decided along with Peter Brenchley, music student, to organise their debut show merging the creative arts with music. Along the way Charlotte Hopson, artist, joined the triumvirate for promotions, and between them gathered a strong collective of working and practising artists, in which created a bold exhibition teeming with energy and enthusiasm. Each artist held their own, not one piece was out of place. Emphasis was that the work be varied, unbound by the constraints of other shows and staying clear of pretension, making the collection refreshing and inspiring. All art forms were included, from sculpture to painting, printmaking, illustration and photography, unpolluted by stuffy expectations of the tired question of ‘What is art?’. The artists included were chosen because of their passion and rawness of style, the honest approach to doing what they love doing. The exhibition was bursting with blossoming talent and was a huge success with the visitors. Over 200 of the public streamed in and out of the venue, the newly renovated upstairs of the Railway Hotel, keeping a constant babble of interested and often pleasantly surprised people congregated. Local press showed their support and local business made worthy contribution to make the show exceed all expectations.

The vigour of the organiser’s means this is no one hit wonder. SYC were part of the Village Green Festival in Chalkwell Park last month in conjunction with Metal Organisation. It was a day of fun interactive artwork, where young and old got involved as well as promotion and live music from local DJS. There were also some t-shirt designs going round with plucky artists quick to organise their next commissions. Stalls displayed refreshing art work that the Creatives are quickly being recognised for and the whole day was filled with as much excitement and passion as the previous. The next shows in the pipeline, focus on expanding and taking the coterie around the country, Nottingham being their next target. . .

Importantly SYC are advocating the unpolluted idea it is not art for arts sake, its about creating something visually interesting that everyone can partake in. With the current economic climate people need a release, to be able to go and enjoy themselves. The events are free and there really is something for everyone!

So citizens, there is no excuse in saying your bored or that there is nothing to do in Southend because the Young Creatives will be nurturing their enterprise to not simply give support to local artists and to make an impression on the art world, but for people to be able to get involved and inspired by art but most of all to just have a really good day out!’

I can safely say that Southend Young Creatives has arrived and judging on its triumphs so far id definitely say WATCH THIS SPACE!

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